Social Media

Social Media

There’s no denying the popularity of Social Media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +. Pinterest, etc. The worldwide population of users on Facebook alone is 1.55 Billion! Forty Percent of the Australian population is on Facebook!

Social media is where you should be listeningand talking. You should be having two way discussions about your products and services with you customers, staff, suppliers, family and friends. Your content needs to be unique, insightful and engaging. Your followers won’t stand for being bombarded with advertisements for your products.

When your business has a success, spread the word amongst your social networks. If a customer provides negative feedback, show your other customers that you care and are doing everything you possibly can to rectify the situation.

Your customers won’t wake up every morning and log on to your website to learn what’s new. They will however be checking their Social Media platforms each and every day.  So get in touch and lets have a chat about how we can help your business spread the good word via Social Media.

Comprehensive Social Media Service

You may not have the time, resources or the inclination to be sociable online – so let us handle it all on your behalf. As an example of what we’ll do:

  • Engage and build a relationship with those people
  • Listen to your customers, suppliers, colleagues and competitors
  • Create and post content relevant to your business
  • Report to you on the Social activities